In these unprecedented, turbulent times, we hope you are safe and well.

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on so many, both from a health standpoint and from a financial standpoint.  We are all facing uncertainty like we’ve never seen before.  As business owners, we are all wondering ‘will my  business survive?… will my customers’ businesses survive?… how will I be able to make payroll?.  We are fortunate that our Federal Government has stepped up with multiple programs that will help businesses bridge the gap to get past the pandemic, but you have to make the move to act on the programs that are being offered.  With the help of these programs, your company can weather the storm of COVID 19 & thrive in the future.

The federal government has made available several very generous programs that can be huge difference makers for many companies.  As with any government programs, there is a lot of confusion about who qualifies and what benefits are available.  With these being new programs, the confusion is only magnified.  One of our team members is a Certified Public Accountant & we’ve engaged a group with expertise in COVID-19 programs so that we can best help you navigate the Federal programs to find the best answers for your business.

Here are some of the new programs for businesses that are currently available:

  • SBA forgivable loans up to $10M
  • SBA emergency grant up to $10K
  • SBA disaster loans up to $2M
  • Defer payroll taxes Sec 2201 to 2021/2022
  • Get cash for NOLs in ’18, ’19, ‘20
  • Employee retention credit up to $10K/employee
  • Sick employee payroll tax credit up to $2K/employee/qtr

Elsewhere on this site are links to help you learn about these various programs.  If you haven’t already, please take a few minutes to review the various websites to get a good understanding of what is available from the Federal Government.  We will be updating the content on our website as new information becomes available, so feel free to come back and look for the latest news about any changes with the Federal programs.

We understand how confusing & distressing this all this can seem.  If you would like to schedule a no cost, no obligation call, we will discuss how your business might qualify for Federal assistance.  Our goal is to assist you in creating a path through the various government programs & develop the best plan for your business.

Thanks for your interest & your time.  Please be safe and be careful … we will get through this.

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